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To Place an order, first we have to work out your pricing, which all comes down to what logos you are having onto your garments, along with approximate amounts of tops.

 Below is a guide to where logos are normally placed, onto clothing. As you can see from the illustration, the SU logo is featured on the Right arm. Please be aware that any society clothing must feature the SU logo, so please take into consideration when choosing positions of your logos or text


All you have to do is choose which type of clothing you are interested in from the categories provided, choose a colour, and an approx amount. Then add in the details of what you require to be printed or embroidered to the garments. You will then go through to register your details (society name, telephone number etc) and then the details will be sent to us!
We will then put together a proof of your design that we will send back to you, along with your pricing. it is easy as that!
If you have any direct questions you can always ring us on 01268 725630, or email rowan@redoakroller.co.uk

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